Going uphill is not always about the strength of your legs. Sometimes, other qualities are tested.

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Pattern Recognition

“Tick”. What was that? “Tick” Here it is again. Some metallic sound coming from my bottom bracket area. “Tick”. I look down. It comes with every downstroke of my left pedal. “Tick” I don’t like it when my bike makes sounds it isn’t supposed to make. It annoys the hell out of me. So I […]

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Surplus Coffee


Find out what happens when I go and buy coffee, and Wolf catches the flu.

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The Maglia Nera is around the corner

In 1946, Luigi Malabrocca didn’t win the Giro d’Italia. In fact, Luigi never won the Giro. But in 1946, he did the next best thing: He came in last. And in 1947, he did it again.

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