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It’s been four weeks now.


Four weeks ago I smashed my elbow in a bad training accident. Turned out it wasn’t made for 42km/h impacts.

This rather abruptly ended my racing season, and i will not start at the race i trained for the whole year. Which is a pitty.
What also is a pitty is the fact that the ER staff at the hospital cut my only medium-sized LRL Race Happy jersey from my bruised and battered body before putting me into surgery.

And you know what that means? New jerseys next spring.


Rider Profile: Mara Abbott

(Photo: UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team/Jonothan Devich)

"Use your bicycle to find freedom."

Mara Abbott, pro rider for the United Health Care Women’s Team and two-time Giro Rosa winner, talks to LRL about her relationship with cycling and what she loves and hates about the sport.

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